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Access to hotel and location

Hotel Grand Levent contact, map & amp; You can find detailed information about location information and transportation alternatives to our hotel from this page. Our hotel is located 10 km from Bodrum city center and 40 km to the airport. There are local minibuses in the center of the city where our hotel is located. There are buses leaving every 45 minutes to Bodrum bus station. If you prefer to come from the exit of Ortakent, you can go to the left of Ortakent and you will see the Ortakent area. There is a sign for the Yalısı.Bu go into the road and continue towards the beach about 500 m.You can find the signposts of the hotels on the roadside.It is going to 200 mt to the right from the differentiator.Afterwards you will see the sign indicating that our hotel is on the left.If you go to the left and go 50 mt you will see our facility. If you prefer not to come from the road, you will find the sign of the otellere at the end of the boulevard. You can reach us by following the directions in the signs. You can also direct your inquiries through the following communication form. We will delight you in the position of our hotel. We are located on the shore of Ortaköy, the shining star of Bodrum. Our facility will bring you a lot of comfort in this respect. You can see the beauty of Yahşi by walking after dinner .We have a garage on the beach.We serve until 02:00 in the morning.You can ask for a taxi at the reception outside the bay.You will be very pleased with our clean sea and sandy beach. Unfortunately, Bodrum is one of the places to swim in Yahşı.Ortakent is located in the center of Hotel Grand Levent. The number of the hotels in our hotel is not much.It is very difficult to find place in July and August when we say high season. You can research all the facilities in our ward before you make reservations. After learning the prices and the types of accommodation you can make a more comfortable comparison. Our most demanding dishes, architectural weavers, friendly staff and reasonable prices. Hotel Grand Levent Ortakent Yahşi is waiting for you.